A Note on Photography.      Roughly half of the Sedona photos, and all of the photos from outside Sedona, were taken by me. Since I only use my feet and an iPhone, I hope this will inspire you. These are photos that you can find to, should you choose to enter nature. 
About half of the Sedona photos were taken by the talented Celia Barenholtz. She assisted me on the "Sedona Hikes" project. She has a deep connection with the elements of nature, and her photos are for sale. I encourage you to visit her website at celiaphotography.com
Sedona Trail Recommendations.      The perfect route considers many factors, including the weather; the traffic; the physical ability; health status; fear of heights; pace, and more.  Since this is hard to do via e-mail or phone call, I recommend my books. I've written them with far more details than most hiking guidebooks.  
I no longer guide privately, but instead seek to inspire people through writing, speaking and performing. Since entering nature is scary for many people, I am committed to providing products, services, tools and events to help. 
If you'd like a private guide ( a great choice, by the way!), e-mail me for a recommendation.
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