Although a small community, Sedona, my town, is a big place, stretching 25 miles from south (The Village of Oak Creek) to north (Oak Creek Canyon), and fairly wide from east to west. Although there are only 15,000 residents, we get 2-3 million visitors. Many are day-trippers, either from Phoenix, or stopping on their way to Grand Canyon. Because of its size, which part of town you stay in makes a big difference. I recommend West Sedona which has the best access to natural beauty. (Nonetheless, there are no ugly parts of town, and each has benefits.) 
      Sedona’s best accommodation choices (a) upscale B&B’s (Inn on Oak Creek, Casa Sedona, Alma de Sedona, etc) (b) boutique resorts (Sedona Rouge, Amara) and (c) larger resorts (Enchantment, L’Auberge). Expect room costs to begin in the autumn high season at $200/night. At the upper end, Enchantment Resort (in Boynton Canyon) and L’Auberge de Sedona (by Oak Creek) can be upwards of $400/night. 
     Sedona’s greatest asset is its outdoor beauty. There is the fine Chapel of the Holy Cross and the nice Tlaquepaque shopping galleria, but everyone knows its all about the outdoors here. I would not chose a jeep tour: in October they will be over-crowded and the dust will be miserable. Besides that, you'll be stuck in a jeep, instead of walking the land.

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